SEEDS Collection 2015 


To produce SEEDS Kilomet 109 worked with local artisans from Vietnam’s remote Northern highlands to incorporate, and thus help preserve, endangered methods of fabric dyeing, weaving and embroidery.

By doing so we strive to re-imagine the boundaries between cultural preservation and reinvention. The SEEDS collection is heavily influenced by a European sensibility regarding garment structure combined with the versatile functionality of street wear. Most of the detailed finishing and decoration, however, has been adopted from the traditional dress of the people of Vietnam. Some of these details include the buttons taken from the neckline of the Thai women’s blouse, contours and slopes of the Nung men’s shirt, bee-wax prints of the Dao Tien dress, and the fine knot button inspired by the Trang An ao dai.

But these traditional elements are designed to be ambiguous , or are even hidden somewhere in the design to create a special connection between the wearer and the piece, between functionality and decoration, and between the traditional and the contemporary.