Phiêu Collection 2017

A loose translation of the Vietnamese word “Phiêu” means unburdened journey. The collection is a culmination of a year’s work with 4 different ethnic groups from northern Vietnam. I used the unique traditional skills of each group to do planting and cultivation of the raw fibre (cotton, hemp, silk), weaving, natural dyeing (indigo, yam root, ebony fruit etc.), fabric calendering, and beeswax batik.

The collection is highlighted by the use of a consciously simplified version of classic batik techniques. The simplification process created a more spare and modern design aesthetic. Each batik element was hand drawn and improvisational. No two dots or two lines are the same. The pinstripes are cracked, polkadots and check of different boldness, and line strokes broken.

The designs represent a journey and are connected by a reappearing spiral seam, like a classic spiral staircase, that runs throughout the collection. The spiral line plays a subtle trick on the eye as you see the garments from different angles. It represents movement and the effortless elegance of the body form.

This is an image of male and female model wearing the new Kilomet 109 fashion collection, Phieu, shot in Cao Bang in northern Vietnam