Miên Collection 2020

Miên is the latest collection from eco fashion label KILOMET109. Miên continues the journey of textile experimentation and innovation that defines our work. With this collection we’ve expanded the geographical area and number of artisan communities with whom we collaborate, moving beyond the remote mountainous villages of Northwest Vietnam to now also include artisans and techniques from the South-Central Highlands and the Mekong Delta.

The collection includes many traditional Vietnamese textile techniques that have been reimagined through a process of experimentation. Natural fibers, botanical dyes, and ancient textile approaches are woven and blended, mixed and matched, to make new and beautiful fabrics, all while maintaining the integrity of classical craftsmanship. For instance, traditional indigo dyeing is mixed with modern digital printing to create a dreamy swirling blue color combination on silk crepe. Ebony fruit dye is used in combination with other indigenous plant dyes and an array of natural fabrics to create exciting new shades of color, which both differ and complement traditional black lacquer silk. And, we introduce a rare form of raw silk, woven into a felt-like fabric directly by the silk worms themselves, which when dyed in indigo creates a remarkable textile. Equally intriguing are the number of new and inventive clothing designs in this collection. Each piece tells its own story.